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Meet Poornima Valkhade

Poornima is one of the top designers in Mumbai who gets inspirations from the daily activities of ordinary people & translating them into fashion pieces. Whether she creates an accessory or a clothing piece, Poornima makes sure that the design & feel created is classy, elegant & does not go out of the style. Her design is mostly embraced because of its uniqueness & practicability in everyday living.

Poornima completed her Bachelor’s in Fashion Design from Raffle’s Design Institute, Singapore. She has played a major role with respect to designing clothes in the entertainment industry & has also been a stunning – stylish personal designer to many celebrities. During her time at Singapore & Hong Kong, she successfully conducted an International Fashion show on Indian Traditions & Astrology. She loves to participate in different events & exhibitions, to name a few Harper’s Bazaar Event is one of them. She has brilliant couture experience & has been a head stylish for multiple movies. She has successfully honed her skills in different categories of designing.

She says, “Fashion for me is an individual’s personal area of comfort & I try my best to put it across all my dear clients.”